Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

Hi there, readers.

We’ve been a bit less consistent than usual lately due to our editorial team’s changing responsibilities, but since today is Friday, it’s time for another trip down the “Media Twitter” rabbit hole to collect recent responses to the best, worst and weirdest PR pitches with some help from our friends at Muck Rack.

First, someone completely ignored The New York Times’ top tech guy Farhad Manjoo’s advice about pitching via DMs (it’s in his Twitter bio):

Next–and you should really click on this one for the full story–Kristin Gazaly of the Associated Press praises a U.K. journalist who tried a brilliant experiment by responding to every pitch he received with some variation of “I love you”:

Editor Daniel Bentley of Fortune reminds us that people are somehow still using the “Uber for X” line:

Now for a couple of quick stylistic tips: don’t center your text and don’t send a pitch in the form of a calendar invite (?!):

Also–and we really can’t emphasize this enough–don’t add people to your pitch mailing list if they didn’t ask you to do so:

Some journalists like Nate Donato-Weinstein of the Silicon Valley Business Journal also don’t really care for those who try to do their jobs for them:

Next, Joe Del Bruno of the L.A. Times isn’t buying the idea that anyone still cares about Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, ewww:

We are suddenly compelled to learn more about this next product, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Lisa Lerer’s beat:

Someone in the U.K. seems to have confused one outlet with another. It happens all the time:

Another PR is a little sad to have to tell Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun that his city is diseased:

File this pitch, sent to Laura Compton of the San Francisco Chronicle, under “obvious questions”:

We don’t quite know how to classify this one from Daniel Roberts of Fortune:

Next, the best way to prove to a tech outlet that a client is newsworthy may not be by linking to a competitor:

Here’s a perfect illustration of the fact that automation is not always your friend:

Todd Olmstead of The Wall Street Journal has a candidate for pitch of the summer:

…but we’re going to have to go with this one from Wendy Thurm, which is all kinds of awesome:

Fortunately, we feel fairly confident in writing that the pitch above was NOT sent by a PR professional.

Have a great weekend!