PiPress Withholds Bylines To Protest Layoffs

PiPress front page byline strikeToday’s Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota has no bylines.

The staff is withholding them today to protest management’s unwillingness to negotiate rather than lay off nine staffers on June 30, David Brauer at MinnPost reports.

“The newsroom’s Newspaper Guild was supposed to vote that day on whether to negotiate givebacks that would forestall job cuts,” he says. “However, a few days before the vote, management said no dice.

Depending on who you talk to, the union should’ve voted earlier, or management should’ve made it clear the vote was fruitless after the union announced its plans June 12.”

Do readers even notice bylines? If they wanted to get management’s attention, the strike probably worked; if they wanted to get readers’ attention, they should have withheld the comics.