Pinpointing The Precise Moment The iPhone Jumped The iShark


Looking for the precise moment future generations will point to while discussing when the iPhone jumped the iShark? You could do worse than this one: Meredith Vieira‘s botched iPhone stunt on Today. (Trying to field a call from Matt Lauer from London, Vieira’s phone doesn’t work, ruining “the schtick,” as Lauer says later.)

Rounding up the rest of the iPhone iNsanity:


While Americans have been blitzed with news about the iPhone’s debut, many in South Korea’s and Japan’s technology industries initially greeted Apple’s flashy new handset with yawns. Cellphones in these technology-saturated countries can already play digital songs and video games and receive satellite television. But now that analysts and industry executives are getting their first good look at the iPhone, many are concerned that Asian manufacturers may have underestimated the Apple threat.

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