Ping Talks ‘Change’ with Karjaluoto


The good people at Ping have put up an interview with the good Eric Karjaluoto at smashLAB about their latest project, Design Can Change. They talked about the project in great detail over at their wonderful Ideas on Ideas site, which you’ll remember we covered here, but Ping digs a little deeper into the whole deal, talking to Eric about what spawned the idea and what they expect to come of it. It’s a great read, and we’re thrilled that they’re getting so much coverage for this. If you haven’t already, start spreading the word with whatever outlet you have. Here’s some from the interview:

So your own work was the initial trigger?

In our situation, we just wanted to know how to waste less energy. As a small firm, we can only make so much of a difference in our own work. But if we get other designers to share the same idea we might have more power to make a difference. That is why we try to provide the Design Can Change forum online. It is necessary that people share information as rapidly as they possibly can.