Piers Morgan on ‘Comeback Kid’ And New ‘Daily News’ Editor Colin Myler

CNN host Piers Morgan knows a thing or two about running a daily newspaper, having run apair of tabloids in the U.K. He also knows a thing or two the new editor of the New York Daily News, Colin Myler.

“I replaced [Myler] at the Daily Mirror,” Morgan recalled over lunch Friday morning. “He is the ultimate comeback kid, he’s been fired more times than I have, but he is a very good editor.”

Morgan says he will be keeping an eye on the New York tabloid wars between the Daily News and the New York Post, which is owned by Morgan’s former employer, News Corp.

“[Daily News owner] Morton Zuckerman clearly likes hiring British editors,” Morgan said. “I think he will do a very good job, if just to watch him take on Rupert [Murdoch].”