Piers Fawkes and PSFK Fight Back After Anti-CES Post


Just the other day we were talking to one of our co-workers about being burnt out on all things gadget related and reading every second about this or that new technological marvel (we were in such agreement that we were, for upwards of five minutes there, very near to moving to Montana, buying a shack in the woods, growing long beard and spending our days writing manifestos). This likely was not helped by all the Consumer Electronic Show news pouring forth in great multitudes. But we let it pass and got back to spending the next two days doing nothing but staring at our computer screens and playing with gadgets. This was very unlike Mr. PSFK, Piers Fawkes, who got into some hot water with his post “CES: An Orgy of Poison?” which complained about the focus and emphasis on pointless gizmos. Apparently there was a lot of hostility thrown back at him, claiming hypocrisy and brilliant tirades like “U r totly lame!” (that’s a quote made from composite information and general working knowledge of the internet). The post generate so much discussion that Fawkes felt it necessary to respond, sticking up for both himself and the site, with “The PSFK Editorial Policy.” Personally, we really admire he and his site and applaud Fawkes’ standing-up for what he believes the site to be. And we extra extra like how he ended his response:

We love debate but after all this, if you have any problems with our editorial policy or you still think we should stick only to a certain style then I don’t know what we really can do. It’s our site, not yours.

Right on.