Picture This is ‘Telephone’ with Pictures on Facebook

picture this 650Developer Strange Loop Games has launched its new game, Picture This, on Facebook. Featured on Facebook under the name “Scribbly Wits,” the game is described as the old game of “telephone,” but with pictures. In each game, one player begins by drawing a picture of their own design. The next person describes this picture using text. The third player draws a picture of the text description, and so on, until the game is complete. Games can also begin with a text phrase, rather than a drawing.

While gamers are encouraged to invite their friends to create these picture and description chains with them, users can also play with strangers, picking random chains from the board and filling in the next step. This allows users to choose steps in which they only draw, or those in which they only type, depending on what they prefer.

The creator of the chain determines the art style used throughout, ranging from pencil drawings and paint palettes to pixel art. When creating chains, users start with only pencil drawings, but will unlock additional art styles as they continue to play.

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Gamers are limited to three active chains at once, but can also spend premium tickets to unlock space for bonus games. In addition, players must spend money to create their own games (or wait to receive free tickets), but there’s no cost to join another user’s game.

At the end of each chain, players are allowed to look at each step in the puzzle, and spend free stars on the pictures or descriptions they like the best. Users can also browse completed chains, even if they didn’t participate in them, by checking out the leaderboards for the game’s most popular content.

“Why build this game? It’s simple: because technology has connected us all socially, and yet there are very few truly social games that create interactions with your connections. It’s a game that has been around about as long as paper and pencil, and yet there is no digital version that makes it easy and frictionless and fun to play with friends,” says Strange Loop Games.

Instead of building a social game where “social” is defined as sending item requests to friends and spamming users’ news feeds with content, Strange Loop Games is working to create something with more depth.

“We’re taking the risk of developing for these stigmatized platforms, betting that we can work to redefine what it means to engage with friends in a social game and make something with real and meaningful interactions,” the developer adds.

Picture This is available to play for free on Facebook.