Pico Projectors for Smartphones a Popular Topic Recently

One indicator of how hot an upcoming technology might be is when you see multiple article about similar technology solutions from multiple vendors. The current topic that seems to be getting traction is integrated or portable projectors for smartphones. Here’s one from CNET…

A high-quality image projector on your smartphone?

…that discusses the current generation of pico-projectors small enough to fit in a smartphone.

Integrated pico projectors would provide a great way to share photos and videos from a smartphone. Of course, it has a lot of side issues that need to be solved before it can be rolled out. How much power does it use? Does it generate a lot of heat? How viewable is the projected output in normally lit rooms? What kind of surface can you project the video/photos on? I’m sure the 1.0 version will not be a perfect solution. But, the fact that pico projectors seems to have a multiple firms involved is a good sign.