Phrases Returns, Badoo Arrives on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Phrases is back, following a brief period in which Facebook partially suspended service for the giant quiz and quote app. As you can see on our weekly AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users, Phrases’ DAU plunged to almost zero before recovering to previous levels over the course of the past week.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Original Phrases 7,225,715 +7,180,093 +15,738%
2. Original Windows Live Messenger 7,893,983 +1,116,519 +16%
3. Original Formspring 884,020 +344,668 +64%
4. Original The Autism Spectrum Quotient Test 343,134 +334,697 +3,967%
5. App_2_120563477996213_5785 Ravenwood Fair 261,694 +261,687 +3,738,386%
6. App_2_191593014043_2781 The Fortune Teller 645,520 +198,312 +44%
7. Original Are YOU Interested? 1,062,670 +185,091 +21%
8. Original Millionaire City 2,484,353 +171,260 +7%
9. App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City 413,817 +166,257 +67%
10. App_2_157785064239480_3718 恐龍王國 182,139 +163,702 +888%
11. App_2_181606049889_436 Social Fun 187,040 +163,324 +689%
12. App_2_107433747809_4549 Meet new people at Badoo, flirt, chat, date! 308,971 +146,003 +90%
13. App_2_116318625062183_2941 SmileyCentral 416,502 +114,761 +38%
14. App_2_141437422542260_5503 CSI: Crime City 119,878 +113,667 +1,830%
15. Original FrontierVille 7,441,658 +105,959 +1%
16. Original TripAdvisor – Cities I’ve Visited™ 515,962 +85,347 +20%
17. Original لعبة الحقيقة 102,169 +78,446 +331%
18. Original Bejeweled Blitz 4,532,769 +77,305 +2%
19. App_2_45706744835_5418 World War 213,876 +73,875 +53%
20. Original My Empire 437,680 +73,426 +20%

Windows Live Messenger has been going gangbusters recently, adding around 15 percent a week to its previous DAU count. As we’ve pointed out before, Messenger’s growth is really a story of Facebook’s international reach, with existing Messenger users choosing to integrate the two services in ever-greater numbers.

Formspring, a question-and-answer app mainly used by teenagers is doing quite well, as it has on the web. Below it, The Autism Spectrum Quotient Test appears to be a version of a real psychological profiling test, unlike most of the fluffy quizzes usually seen on Facebook.

Ravenwood Fair is the hot new game on Facebook, featuring cute animals in a scary forest; it has grown massively over the past week. Developer LOLapps recently became famous for the wrong reasons when Facebook briefly suspended all of its apps (more publicly than with Phrases) but it’s recovering well now.

Finally, Meet new people at Badoo, flirt, chat, date! is worth some notice, if only because it’s yet another Hot or Not-style dating app finding huge success on Facebook — just a few places below Are YOU Interested?, which has had its own success with the same model. The two look a bit different, but are functionally similar enough that they’ll have to fight over users.