Phone Unlocking Up 71% Since It Was Banned

Laws against phone unlocking have not stopped the activity. In fact, since the practice was outlawed in the United States back in January, it has risen by 71.09 percent, according to metrics from Mobile Unlocked, a UK-based website that helps consumers jailbreak their phones.

The company analyzed the activity in December 2012, before the law went into effect, and compared the findings with the number of times phones were jailbroken in June 2013, a few months after the law went into effect.

Here is more from Mobile Unlocked: “As a proportion of visits to our site, US traffic numbers have fallen. Traffic from the US accounted for 8.45% of visits to our site in December 2012, and just 7.14% in July 2013. This shows that some people are now shying away from unlocking their phones, whereas before they were willing to find out more.” (Via VentureBeat).