Philippe Starck and Karl Lagerfeld Design Covers and Edit October Issue of Wallpaper*


The magazine cover seems to be the spot to land needed attention lately, like Esquire‘s controversial advertising embed and their much-hyped e-ink experiment from last year. Now our pals over at Wallpaper* are getting into the game with the announcement that their October issues will feature two different, space-age covers, one designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the other by everyone’s favorite goofball, Philippe Starck. Lagerfeld’s will feature some sort of new peelable film that will allow you to pull back the cover to reveal another image underneath. Starck’s will use three pieces of transparent tracing paper that, when used together, will form a solid image. The two famous designers also served as guest editors on the content side as well, providing most of the material in the shared issue — so we’re expecting it to be wonderfully weird (mostly about leather gloves and earth-friendly mega-yachts, we hope). Both covers go on sale this Thursday, the 10th.