10 Little Known Facts About Philadelphia Facebook Users

Love PhiladelphiaThe City of Brotherly Love is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. The city’s historic sites are some of the most important in the creation of this country. Philadelphia is the sixth largest city in the country. It is known for its food (cheesesteak anyone?), those Art Museum steps made famous by Mr. Rocky Balboa, its sports teams, and its wide variety of universities located throughout amongst many other admirable traits. We’ve researched Philadelphia’s Facebook users. You can check out the findings below!


The Philadelphia area has 2,875,040 Facebook users. Roughly 330,940 more women than men have profiles the site. The most interesting population statistic from the city is that the largest age demographic using the site is between 18-24. It must be the large student population spread throughout the city.



Philadelphia is city that is filled with universities. On North Broad Street, and just off it in the Olney section of the city, are Temple University and La Salle University. 58,000 graduates that earned their degree from Temple University stayed in the Philadelphia area. 17140 graduates around the US earned their degrees from LA Salle.

Located just outside of Center City beyond 30th Street Station is an area that has taken the title of University City as it holds many colleges in its confines. Two very prestigious universities on this side of town are the Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania, and the school nationally recognized for its engineering programs, Drexel University. There are over 95,000 graduates in the US who earned degrees from Penn and about 23% choose to stay in the area. Drexel has almost 25,000 grads in the Philadelphia area on Facebook.


The rumor around Philadelphia, that can be easily seen upon visiting, is that the city is becoming more and more of a baseball town. With the Phillies making two trips to the World Series in two years it’s not surprising why. About 12% of the Philadelphia area Facebook users are Phillies fans. Also important to note, legendary Phillies commentator Harry Kalas is still in the hearts of almost 100,000 Philadelphians on Facebook.

The Philadelphia Eagles also had an impressive Facebook following with over 280,000 fans in the area. Who’s ready to see what Kevin Kolb can do at quarterback?

Food and Beverage

That legendary, greasy, and only truly found in the area Philadelphia Cheesesteak is enjoyed by almost 25,000 locals on the site. Anyone looking to take a trip to Pat’s or Geno’s?

Other notable snacks in the area include Tastykake products that originated in Philadelphia. Tastykake over 5,700 fans. The Philly Soft Pretzel is also a hometown favorite with over 4,800 fans.

For the beer drinker’s, the city has become well known for its wide variety of locally brewed beers. The locally owned and operated Yards Brewery has over 1,600 fans on Facebook.


A local convenience store with a delicious variety of made to order food all over the area is the Wawa. 7% of Philadelphians on Facebook are fans of Wawa. Maybe it’s those yearly Hoagiefest specials.

3,800 locals enjoy the city’s excellent Art Museum. I wonder how many of them can resist the urge to run up those steps as seen in Rocky.


The city of Philadelphia is obviously more than just a city to get a good cheesesteak. Philly is filled with historical sites and museums, excellent colleges, passionate sports fans, and Facebook users that have a lot of pride in their city. The number of profiles on Facebook in the city will surely to continue to grow, but I’m certain the Philadelphia pride found in them will never change.