Phil Collins Donates Alamo Collection… to The Alamo

Manny Fernandez, Houston bureau chief for The New York Times, has some requisite fun with the topic. And really, what journalist wouldn’t?

PhilCollinsAlamoBookHere’s Fernandez’s first two paragraphs:

Phil Collins, a member of Genesis and a staple of 1980s-era MTV, arrived at the Alamo here on Thursday carrying a sword and a dagger. Jerry Patterson, the Texas land commissioner, brought two guns, one tucked in his cowboy boot and the other in his waistband.

The meeting went well nevertheless.

Collins, who flew in from NYC on a private jet, detailed in a 2012 book how he has for decades been an avid collector of artifacts related to The Alamo. He is now donating the entire, seven-figure lot to the state of Texas.

A special wing will be needed to house the 200+ donated items. By that time-per the last three paragraphs of Fernandez’s dispatch-let’s hope the aforementioned Patterson has learned the names of a Collins/Genesis song or two!

Jacket cover courtesy: State House Press