Pets in Touch: Social Networking Beyond the Dog Run or Litter Box

PetsInTouchLogo.jpgPets are family members, so why shouldn’t they have the same social-networking privileges as their humans? Pets in Touch is treating its furry members to a redesigned landing page, complete with five tabs so they don’t lose their way, as well as eight pet categories.

Pets and their humans can use Pets in Touch to broadcast pets, shop, send free greeting cards, enter contests, and download free wallpaper for the iPhone, BlackBerry, PC, or Mac.

The new home page also offers easy access to the Pets in Touch Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

Pets in Touch co-founder Vannessa Serrano said:

With the ever-increasing number of people navigating on the Web universe trying to find information, news, products, services, games, and friends, an easy and user-friendly Web portal is more than ever crucial to capture and captivate the demands of the Internet population.