PETITION: Putin, Take Our Alaska, Please.


Hey kids. U.S. History could get all jacked up!

Have you ever been on an Alaskan cruise? The vistas alone are worth the price of admission. Add to that the weather, the memories, and the food, and you have a marvelous getaway that you will remember forever. At least I did.

Yet, while reflecting upon my journeys of yesteryear, I read this straight from

Groups Siberian russians crossed the Isthmus (now the Bering Strait) 16-10 thousand years ago. Russian began to settle on the Arctic coast, Aleuts inhabited the Aleutian Archipelago.

First visited Alaska August 21, 1732, members of the team boat “St. Gabriel »under the surveyor Gvozdev and assistant navigator I. Fedorov during the expedition Shestakov and DI Pavlutski 1729-1735 years

Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia.

Oh, it’s real. Find out how just how real after the jump…

The petition entitled “Alaska back to Russia” already has more than 68,000 signatures (at the time of this blog entry) and needs less than 32,000 more by April 20 to be taken directly to the Resolute Desk for President Obama’s attention. Its purpose: to reverse Seward’s Folly and ask Putin to take Sarah Palin to the Kremlin for good measure.


In case history wasn’t your favorite subject in school (no one from the Palin family is available for comment), Alaska was indeed part of Russia. In 1867, Secretary of State William Seward purchased the land from Russia for about $7.2 million, though it didn’t become a state until 1959.

It also happens to be rich with natural resources from oil to timber to gold, which may have something to do with why the United States likes it so much. Nonetheless, there it is — a PR disaster for anyone who works at the local Juneau Chamber of Commerce or Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you worked there, what would you do? Besides, you know, look for work elsewhere?