Peter Buchanan-Smith and Friends Create Ultimate Summer Camp Care Package

A U.S. Army survival field book, sewing kit, kazoo, and engineer’s compass are a few of the items in Best Made’s Summer Camp Care Package. (Photos: Best Made Company)

We have long been fascinated by camp, whether of the sort codified by Susan Sontag, celebrated by the likes of Simon Doonan, or enjoyed by millions of youngsters the world over at this time of year. And so we were thrilled to discover that designer Peter Buchanan-Smith‘s Best Made Company has expanded beyond beautiful handmade axes to new frontiers of rugged yet covetable goods. Any camper (and frankly, just about everyone we know) would be overjoyed to receive the Summer Camp Care Package, a collection of “objects of utility, curiosity, and hilarity sure to remedy the worst case of the homesick blues.” Among the 16 treats stowed in a bed of wood wool and tucked inside a corrugated box hand-stenciled “Fragile Eggs” (to deter prying bunkmates) are a vintage Swiss army flashlight, a whittling knife, a roll of green polka dot tape, a joy buzzer, a selection of fake mustaches, and a “mystery prize.” Best Made will even include a personalized note to the lucky camper. Priced at $145, the epic care package is available in very limited quantities here.