Perkins & Will to Design Massive, Billion Dollar NYPD Training Facility


Usually the awarding of an architectural commission isn’t really big news unless it involves something unusual being planned by a starchitect, or is set to be some kind of architectural marvel and/or monstrosity, or, as is often the case lately: combining the two and taking place in Dubai. But, if you can believe it, this has none of those usual pointers, but somehow still merits a mention. It was announced late yesterday that the Chicago-based firm, Perkins & Will, have been awarded the contract to build the new NYPD Policy Academy building in Queens. Nothing all that exciting there, unless it helps rekindle thoughts of a 1980s Steve Guttenberg for you, right? But get this: the building is planned to be three million square feet and cost an estimated $1 billion dollars. So therein lies the meat and potatoes. Can you imagine the scope of something that large and expensive? By comparison, you could buy several countries for that amount or, if sports are more your thing, around fifteen NFL-sized football stadiums. You bet your sweet britches we’re going to keep an eye on the contruction of this thing, as, if things do pan out, it’s going to be mind-bogglingly gigantic.