Perez Hilton Going on a ‘Kardashian Kleanse’ Next Week

#NoKardashiansForAWeek is on.

kardashian-break-1__oPtEveryone’s always complaining about the ubiquity of the Kardashians. They seem to be everywhere as of late, and people are starting to revolt. First, there was the Orlando anchor who walked off set when yet another Kardashian story came up. “Nobody cares about this family anymore!” John Brown said, unintentionally speaking for the country, as he walked off camera.

And now, the person you’d least expect is taking a stand against America’s most over-exposed family. Today, the so-called Queen of All Media, Perez Hilton, explained on his celebrity gossip site that he’ll be going on a ‘Kardashian Kleanse’ next week:

It’s a blackout!

Do U ever feel like there’s just TOO MUCH Kardashian news out there?????

Well if so, then you’re in luck, because PerezHilton.comwill not be posting a single story about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians family for an entire week!!!

From August 17-21, you can come here for all of the juiciest entertainment news without having to be bombarded by Kim Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner, and everyone in between!

All Kardashians, Jenners and their boyfriends/husbands/exes! Their kids too!!!

Perez went on to explain that he’ll replace his usual Kardashian content with stories about inspiring women around the world. How… nice? For some reason this just screams ‘PR stunt’ to us.

Meanwhile, back in Kardashian land, rumors have been circulating that Kim is using a surrogate and is faking her second pregnancy. Today, she silenced all her critics with a series of tweets:

Further proof here:

Good luck with that whole #NoKardashiansForAWeek thing, Perez. It’s gonna be tough.