Per Olaf Fjeld’s Tribute Book to the Pritzker-Winning Sverre Fehn


We’ve been really impressed with The Monacelli Press lately, who seem to be tearing it up an extra few notches since being purchased by Random House early last year. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek this past weekend of one of their upcoming books, Per Olaf Fjeld‘s Sverre Fehn: The Pattern of Thoughts (which comes out for public consumption tomorrow). It’s filled with interviews, sketches, and some amazing photos of the Pritzker Prize winning architect’s creations — we were particularly smitten, about halfway through the book, with his work on the Terra Cotta Soldiers exhibit in a museum in Norway, which looked perhaps even more impressive than our seeing them recently on their home turf in Xi’an, China. There’s also a pretty great sketch of a semi-nude Le Corbusier, which we enjoyed for some reason (we still haven’t figured out why). In short: it’s a wonderful, very complete tribute to a great architect and interesting person written by a devoted admirer. If you’re a fan, it’s well worth your time. Here’s a bit:

This study of Fehn’s work provides an intimate glimpse into the world of this great postwar modernist. Author Per Olaf Fjeld presents both biography and perceptive critique as he covers all of Fehn’s major projects, built and unbuilt, from world-renowned museums to lesser-known houses. Never-before-published comments by Fehn from lectures, interviews, and conversations with students as well as dynamic sketches are featured, opening a window into the mind of this poetic and personal architect.