PepsiCo Nabs First Google+ Careers Page

Since Google+ opened to brands last week, the landscape has become a bit of a “wild west” and a land grab, with companies rushing to set up their profiles before some prankster creates a fake page (Mashable writer Todd Wasserman was able to make a fake Coca Cola page “in a few minutes”).

But PepsiCo seems to have created the first careers page on Google+. (We heard this from HR expert John Sumser, who tweeted the news, and our own Google+ searches verify this.)

For having been launched last week the page is pretty impressive: it contains videos meant to jazz people up about working at Pepsi, some general news about the company, and an update about Movember (why, exactly?). What’s missing: any posted jobs (those all seem to go to the company’s career portal). Also, they’ve only got 25 followers—but give ’em time, we suppose.

Click through (and then click on the image) to view the page, or just visit it here.