People Still Puzzled by What Anna Wintour’s New Title Means

The great Anna Wintour has now been artistic director of Condé Nast for almost a week. When we learned that she was taking on the new role at the publishing house, our first thought was “What the hell does an artistic director even do?” Turns out no one really knows, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

In her first comments to Condé staffers since becoming artistic director, WWD reports that Wintour didn’t shed any light on her new position. She gave boring, brief and general comments about her status, only offering that she would “help editors with their jobs.” The editors surely loved hearing that.

One person who was at the meeting was excited, claiming that “She’s a good person to have in our corner.” Another, perhaps more accurately, said Wintour’s artistic director title means “She’ll do what she always does, which is what she wants to do.”