People Do This? Job-Offer Emails And The Right Address

An employer wrote in to Workforce this week asking what to do about sending job offer e-mails to candidates. He says that “some applicants have requested that we send job-acknowledgement letters to a work-related e-mail address…It seems risky, but maybe that’s just me.”

Workforce reminds the employer that, well, if a candidate asks you to send their “congratulations, new job” email to their old work address, that’s their perogative. (But if your current job’s e-mail address is the only professional one you have, sheesh, invest in a Gmail account.)

Workforce also reminds the employer, though, to make sure the candidate actually requested this e-mail and that your client isn’t just autofilling whatever address showed up first. “It’s possible the candidate has e-mailed your company before in a legitimate business capacity—prior to showing interest in your job. Check your address book to make certain you do not have two e-mail addresses for the candidate.” This is solid advice for employers, because the last thing employees want after a hard job search is to have their final two weeks at their old company ruined by a vindictive boss or IT dude.