“People Die From Exposure; Why Would I Want To Write For It?”

Attributed to Ruth Thaler-Carter

Hilarious quotes notwithstanding, sometimes (as we’ve said) it’s not a bad idea to work for free, especially if you’re gaining some visibility while doing so.

That’s the logic behind mediabistro.com’s Community Powered Blog, which is created by you, as in not us. You can send us text posts, photos, and even video (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc). It’s user-generated but moderated, which will keep the quality high (so your work is surrounded by other gleaming things!).

Community manager Seamus Condron says:

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to grow our community through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. We’ve been able to have some great discussions about what we love: media. We knew that our community was a smart bunch, and that fact gets reinforced a everytime we see you participating in the conversation via Twitter, blogs, and other forms of social media. Now we want to give you a big opportunity to show everyone what you got.

Y’all have already started filling the blog with great content, but there’s one thing missing: a name. The blog’s currently called Mediabistro TK, but obviously, y’all can do better. So head on over and help the team come up with a clever name.