Penton CEO Leaves To Start $100M E-Media Firm — Not Boring

Yeah, yeah. B-to-B is considered so boring to many of you consumer magazine snobs out there. Still, we all have friends and colleagues at business-to-business pubs with names like Veterinarian Times and Eyeglass News. David Nussbaum, who used to be the CEO of Penton Media — among other things, Penton publishes 113 magazines on subjects ranging from aviation to music education — is leaving.

For those of you who are looking for ways to fund your mini-media empires, Nussbaum might be your man:

ABRY Partners LLC and Sundance Business Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary formed by David Nussbaum, former CEO of Penton Media, and ABRY, announced today that they plan to identify and invest in business-to-business media, services, and vertically focused online companies. These companies will include those with strong brands, high quality products and a clear path for growth. Potential targets will include integrated media companies, business services/data companies primarily focused on an emedia platform, and companies that transact critical business services over the web. ABRY Partners has committed $100 million of equity capital to this venture.

Mr. D., we’ll take our cash in large bills.