Pentagram and Angus Hyland Give 110% for 100% Design


Proof that we don’t just talk about the work of Pentagram‘s New York office, we’d like to take this opportunity to radically shift focus onto…their London office. As reported in Creative Match, Pentagram partner, Angus Hyland has redesigned the logo for the 100% Design London show. It’s sharp and super cool, in all its forms. The story’s got some great info, but here’s a bit to get your started:

Along with the brand architecture a new identity design was created to better reflect the changes introduced by the consolidation of the brands. The word ‘design’ was redrawn, rendered in lowercase in order to introduce rhythm into the mark and depart from the previous bar-shaped logotype. The new identity system conveys notions of classic modern furniture, interior and product design, whilst retaining the established recognisability of the previous identity.

Pentagram has also been commissioned to create the creative campaign for the 100% Design London shows in 2007, incorporating the new identity and structure.