Penn State Football Chaplain Guests on This Weekend’s WABC Religion on the Line

As a disgraced Penn State tries to heal in the aftermath of the child sex abuse scandal, 77 WABC is ready to air a special edition of Religion on the Line.

This weekend marks the first time in 46 years that Penn State will be without Joe Paterno as head coach.

Religion On The Line welcomes Penn State Football Chaplain Reverend Tim McGill to the broadcast at 9:05 Sunday morning.

Rabbi Joe Potasnik and Deacon Kevin MacCormack will examine the latest details in the ugly story that has captivated the nation.  McGill also serves as Penn State’s campus director for Athletes In Action.

Perhaps a preview to what’s in the WABC interview, is the fact that McGill told The Christian Post, “The players are numb, at least on the football team. They’re shocked.”

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