Pencylvania draws on top of this week’s emerging Facebook games list

A clone of the pencil-balancing Flash game Pencylvania takes the top position on our list of emerging games by monthly active users, thanks to a 125 percent gain of 90,000 MAU.

Four other games show gains of 100 percent this this week. MindJolt’s Bench press is up by 30,000 MAU, as is Game Insight’s Lords of Atlantis. Guerillapps’s environmentally-themed management sim Trash Tycoon also sports a 30,000 MAU increase. Finally, the Chinese language strategy title《傲視天地》—無商城!絕對免費!華人第一戰爭策略網遊! (“‘Disdain for the world’ – no mall! Absolutely free! The first Chinese war strategy online games!”) shows a 20,000 MAU gain.

This marks the second week in a row that ELEX’s DDTank 337-br appears on our list, thanks to a 20,000 MAU gain for a 50 percent increase. The game is a Portugese language entry into the DDTank series that’s starting to show activity after going dormant in October 2011.

MindJolt once again has multiple titles on this week’s chart. Aside from Bench Press, Carbon Auto Theft is still listed, but it’s down to No. 18 from No. 11 last week.

Correction: Several of the games on this list were miscategorized in AppData, and developer MindJolt should have been credited for the other following titles: Mower Move, Survive Tamota Prasus, 40 Yard Dash, Balenza, Ball Rain, Bowman and Bubble Spinner.

1.  Pencylvania90,000+50,000+ 125%
2.  Bench Press60,000+30,000+ 100%
3.  Lords of Atlantis60,000+30,000+ 100%
4.  MultiSlots90,000+30,000+ 50%
5.  Trash Tycoon60,000+30,000+ 100%
6.  DDTank 337-br60,000+20,000+ 50%
7.  Mower Move90,000+20,000+ 29%
8.  Pool50,000+20,000+ 67%
9.  Real Vegas Casino – HD Slots, Poker, Blackjack50,000+20,000+ 67%
10.  Survive Tamota Prasus70,000+20,000+ 40%
11.  《傲視天地》—無商城!絕對免費!華人第一戰爭策略網遊!as.kunlun.tw40,000+20,000+ 100%
12.  40 Yard Dash50,000+10,000+ 25%
13.  Balenza60,000+10,000+ 20%
14.  Ball Rain40,000+10,000+ 33%
15.  Big City Bingo80,000+10,000+ 14%
16.  Bowman30,000+10,000+ 50%
17.  Bubble Spinner80,000+10,000+ 14%
18.  Carbon Auto Theft60,000+10,000+ 20%
19.  Cars (Car IQ)40,000+10,000+ 33%
20. Franchise Basketball40,000+10,000+ 33%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.