Peloton Gives CMO Seat to Lori Tauber Marcus

Peloton "changed her life," so think she won't be successful here?

In the world of indoor cycling — be it your home or the gym — arguably no other brand has seen more PR love than Peloton.

Admittedly, I’ll wait for that sweaty guy to get off the Peloton in my place before I think about throwing my own ham-hocks on those other spinning machines.

A cycling machine like that requires great messaging, skilled PR representations, and some adept knowledge of media relations. Thanks to a press release and some nice answers, the PRNewserverse knows Peloton has their gal.

Meet Lori Tauber Marcus, Peloton’s new CMO.

Marcus, as seen on her Twitter bio, is a self-espoused health and fitness enthusiast, which means she knows the first rule about Crossfit — talk to everyone about Crossfit.

She apparently talks to everyone about her marketing and communications skills because she has held executive marketing and management roles at familiar start-ups like The Children’s Place Retail Stores, Nielsen Marketing Research, and PepsiCo Inc.

We asked Marcus about the thrill of going to what some would consider a “smaller shop” like Peloton, which is to say it has not experienced as much U.S. domination as her previous ports-of-call.

“I love the idea of working for an earlier stage, smaller company where I can have maximum impact on the marketing of the brand and also help on building an amazing culture at the company.  I’m also a health and fitness enthusiast and I am totally excited about marketing a product that I care so deeply about.”

Seeing how she is the determined soul, we also asked how she hopes to make a difference at Peloton.

Peloton is an amazing product (it’s changed MY life!!) and we have a big job to do in terms of getting the word out and letting consumers know about this life-changing in-home fitness experience. I look forward to using my years of great training to continue to elevate the brand and drive awareness and sales. I also want to use my energy and talent to build a great company.

After answers like that, her resume notwithstanding, there are probably some high-fives going around at Peloton. Spin on, folks!