Pelosi Journo Party: Update

A reader writes in with an update from Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s party for reporters last night:

    The food was amazing — oddly Southern, but amazing. Definitely a better spread than many of the Congressional parties/receptions in the past couple weeks, and better than what most journos eat on a daily basis. The lamb chops were great as was the mac and cheese (which I think is the same that they serve in the cafeteria). I didn’t have the shrimp, but I hear it was really good. As for pols, most of the leadership showed for a while and Chris Van Hollen was there for more than an hour — plus the Speaker was there taking pictures with people and working the room with small chat. Her shoes were cute — black patent leather pointed-toe pumps — but her suit was desperately lacking, her eyebrows were drawn in …. That’s about it, though – mainly just the same reporters who see each other every day standing around chatting.