Peggy Seltzer/Margaret B. Jones/Fake Memoir News Continues


Can’t get enough of you, baby, can’t get enough of you girl….

According to Seal Press, their author Inga Muscio was duped by Peggy Seltzer, just like everyone, or nearly everyone else. Krista Lyons-Gould and Brooke Warner (with names like those, we’re guessing they can spot WASPs) are pissed:

When we receive a proposal for a memoir, we want to be moved, we want to find something people identify with, we want more than anything else to believe that the brave and honest truth we’re publishing might inspire or at least resonate with others struggling themselves.

They must be so relieved that this isn’t their book.

According to Undercover Black Man, the now-pulled Riverhead memoir/novelization was originally titled:

Blood and Consequences: Coming of Age in an L.A. Gang

Powell’s cancelled the reading, but left up the blurb.

AP quotes the head of the imprint:

Riverhead vice president and publisher Geoffrey Kloske said that no one asked Seltzer for official paperwork such as school records, which might have discredited her story, but he noted that the author submitted letters and photographs and a recommendation from a former professor. “She even had someone claiming to be one of her former siblings. There was a substantial amount of supporting evidence,” he says.

The Eugene Register-Guard spiked a profile with Peggy when her educational background didn’t check out. (Unlike the unwary NYT.)

An NYT reader offers:

This woman is ridiculous and a disgrace. I know her personally and these lies were played out in her daily life. From recieving welfare benefits, to Native American donations from the reservation this girl lied to everyone. she used up resources under false information. Lied about her name and circumstance just to get attention. As if White women dont already have a leg up in the world. My boyfriend even gave her money for her gas bill, because we felt sorry for her.

Kevin Allman asks what so many have been thinking:

Were any actual black people involved in the publication of this book?

Say one thing for Ms. Seltzer, she’s made people stop harpying about Diablo Cody.