Albert the Dog Picks Up Newsweek Scent

Canine blogger heaps praise on The Hatching Cat.

Peggy Gavan’s dad is a newspaper writer-photographer, and she, for some years at the outset of her career, a reporter. Today, she writes materials for a New Jersey pharmacy benefit management company, but also blogs about famous NYC animals under the rubicon The Hatching Cat.

Her sideline efforts caught the attention last month of Newsweek and, subsequently, received praise from perhaps the most welcome kind of fan – a fellow NYC animal. In the most recent edition of Albert the Dog’s “My 5 Favorite New Yorkers,” the bow went wow for Gavan:

We only recently learned of Ms. Peggy’s blog, The Hatching Cat, thanks to this Newsweek article. But now we are in danger of falling down a rabbit hole into a world of arcane animal history. Ms. Peggy, a human female writer and former children’s book publishing employee, relates odd and interesting stories about animals in New York history.

The only thing left this spring, after the write-ups by Victoria Bekiempis and Albert, was for the New York community newspaper that employs Gavan’s dad Roger to pick up this news trail. That happened, today.

And Albert is absolutely right about Gavan’s blog, launched in February 2013. Once we started perusing, it was very hard to stop.

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