Pedialyte Is Targeting Hungover Adults

Social media and word of mouth have expanded the brand.

Usually reserved for the younger set — and by younger, we mean children — Pedialyte is now targeting adults. The message: if you drank too many cocktails last night, make Pedialyte your drink of choice the next morning.

This idea isn’t new, and it didn’t even come from the brand. According to Nielsen numbers, adult use of Pedialyte has increased 57 percent since 2012. Seeing an opportunity, the brand has been making more of a concerted effort to reach adults with this message about Pedialyte’s utility. The tweet above is one of a few that have appeared on social media.

In fact, Heather Mason, an EVP at Pedialyte owner Abbott Laboratories, told CNBC the effort stems from what they saw on social media and what was being passed around via word of mouth. Full disclosure: I had a friend tell me about this a few months back. He said he keeps a case of the stuff in his basement and shares it with his kids.

The brand has even gotten celebrity endorsements already, with both Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus making their Pedialyte use public.

Powdered packs for adults are coming and music festival goers will see it more often, but otherwise, Mason told MarketWatch that there are no plans to change what’s in the Pedialyte bottle, even though it’ll now be going up against Gatorade. The possibility of going beyond their niche market and the usual cold and flu season is a big growth opportunity for the brand.

And as for the rest of us, it’s nice to know there’s something to help you get to that early morning appointment even if you had a good time the night before.

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