PBS: Hearts like rabbits

rabbit.jpgSee? No sooner does Congress and the Ghost Of Powell Past lean on what’s left of PBS to keep it clean than the pubcaster gets on its knees and starts washing its mouth with soap – even if nobody tells it to do so directly:

The Times tells us how local affiliates will have to sign a waiver indemnifying PBS if they want to broadcast an uncensored version of an upcoming program about soldiers under fire. Fishbowl can’t imagine this is about wardrobe malfunctions or suggestive scenes. But when even “Saving Private Ryan” can’t be shown in its entirety (again, without any FCC inquisitors giving specific instructions), we knew this was coming. We’re also not surprised the FCC couldn’t be reached by the Times. Because with PBS running this scared, why would they ruin the fun?

We wondered aloud yesterday whether the departure of Pat Mitchell as PBS prez would signal more shows like the (cancelled) one about the rabbit who goes visiting lesbian parents. Guess we got our answer, express delivery.