UPDATED: Facebook Storefront Consolidation: Payvment Closing Up Shop, Directs Clients To Ecwid

Social commerce platform Payvment is shuttering its Facebook storefront business, but its clients will not be left in the cold, as the company reached an agreement with Facebook storefront provider Ecwid to allow Payvment users to transfer their stores to the Ecwid platform.

Social commerce platform Payvment is shuttering its Facebook storefront business, but its clients will not be left in the cold, as the company reached an agreement with Facebook storefront provider Ecwid to allow Payvment users to transfer their stores to the Ecwid platform.

The agreement unites the client bases of the social commerce platform with the largest number of Facebook storefronts (Payvment) and the leading Facebook storefront provider in terms of active users (Ecwid).

Clients using Payvment and its Lish.com product-discovery destination can continue operations until Feb. 28, but all stores and the Payvment dashboard will shut down March 1.

UPDATE: TechCrunch is reporting that Intuit acquired Payvment’s team, technology, and patents, but there has been no official announcement.

Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham said:

Payvment’s sellers are pioneers in social selling, creating loyal relationships with Facebook customers by using the latest social media technology and techniques. Ecwid’s ecommerce technology will not only enable our merchants to keep selling on Facebook, but also allow them the opportunity open up new channels by placing a store anywhere their customers shop online.”

Ecwid President Jim O’Hara added:

Payvment has helped Facebook commerce mature and become a productive marketplace for retailers, particularly small businesses. We are excited to partner with Payvment, and are anxious to support its sellers as they begin doing business through their Facebook stores using Ecwid’s platform.

Payvment provided the following information on its website:

What will happen to my store? What about Lish? Payvment and Lish stores and the Payvment dashboard will be active through Feb. 28. On March 1, the service will shut down. Stores will stop operating and you will no longer have access to your dashboard.

I want to keep selling on Facebook. Can I transfer my store to a different platform? Yes! We have partnered with leading ecommerce company Ecwid to transfer your store seamlessly to its platform, where you can continue selling on Facebook. It takes just one click from your dashboard. Learn more here.

I want to save my product listings. How do I do that? You can transfer your product listings to Ecwid to continue selling on Facebook (and elsewhere). Just click the “transfer my account” button at https://my.payvment.com.

Can I save my order information? You can download a CSV of your order information: Click the “export to CSV” button in the top right of the “orders” tab in your dashboard and you will get a file with order details, customer contact information, and other details.

What will happen to my account data once Payvment ceases operations? Your product listings, product images, and order information will be deleted March 1. Please transfer your account to Ecwid from your dashboard before Feb. 28 to preserve your data.

Can I download my product images? No, but these will be transferred to Ecwid when you transfer your store to their platform.

What will happen to my email address and account information? Your address will not be given to any third party without your permission. If you elect to transfer your store to Ecwid, you will be sharing your email address, account information, and store data and settings with Ecwid. We will not share any stored credit-card information as part of the transfer.

How can I delete my account permanently? Click on the “delete account” button on the home page of your dashboard.

Can I continue to add new products and promotions? We have disabled the ability to add new products, new promotions, new deals, and new Facebook ads. You can still edit your existing products until Feb. 28.

Can customers still shop in my store? For how long? Yes, stores on both Facebook and Lish are still active and will be fully operational until Feb. 14. This gives time for you to collect and fulfill final orders before the platform shuts down Feb. 28.

So what happens after Feb. 14? Does my store disappear? No, stores will still be available, but the “buy” button will no longer function.

When will Lish and Payvment stores be shut down? All stores will cease operations March 1. After that time, any links to your store or products will redirect to www.payvment.com.

Can I still create new promotions for my products and deals? No. No new promotions can be created from your Payvment dashboard.

Can I offer weekly deals? The last weekly deal period is Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, so new weekly deal creation is no longer possible.

Can I still buy Facebook ads with Payvment? What if I have existing scheduled ads? You can no longer purchase Facebook ads using Payvment. All existing ads will be honored and will run on Facebook. They will continue to send customers to your store, where they will be able to purchase products. No ads will run after Feb. 14, when the “buy” button will be turned off.

My subscription just renewed or I just subscribed. Can I have a refund? You will continue to have premium features through the end of February, regardless of when your subscription is supposed to renew, and you will not be charged again. We will not issue refunds to monthly subscribers for this time period.

I signed up for Payvment Premium Yearly last week/month/etc. Can I have my money back? Yes. We will refund all premium yearly subscribers on a prorated basis automatically. Contact us at support@payvment.com with subject line “premium” if you have questions.

Readers: Do you expect more consolidation among companies that use Facebook to advertise, market, or sell products and services?

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