Paul Bedard Whispers “Sweet” Somethings

Honey (3).jpg

Hubba! Hubba! Paul Bedard is “sweeter” than you might think. But it’s not because the mind behind “Washington Whispers” is going sweet in his column. When Bedard isn’t exposing Washington’s insider secrets for US News & World Report, you just might find him beekeeping in Purcellville, Va.

Bedard’s honey harvest is known as “Hubba Hubba Honey” and this year’s bounty is ready for the buy. Paul says “after a somewhat tough year of beekeeping,” he and Michele “have bottled a very nice summer vintage of medium-colored honey with the trademark citrus finish.”

The price for the hush-hush honey? It’s six buck a bear – still $1 less than the farmer’s market honey shipped in from NY and Pa. And, yes, local honey is good for fighting allergies. Sweet!