Patch Editor: ‘The Model Isn’t Sustainable’

An anonymous Patch editor has written to Business Insider with five complaints about the job.

Amongst the complaints: HQ changes its mind too quickly, former employees aren’t allowed to freelance more than $500 per month, and that “the model isn’t sustainable.”

“One full-time employee per site, means one person wears all hats. Content is supplemented by freelancers, however, there is still just one person responsible for running the site, 24/7. No one edits or proofreads. Editors who are good news journalists must also cover Woman’s Club events. While editors who specialize in fluff have to try to wrap their head around ordinances and lawsuits.”

This comes shortly after an ad sales person said that the Patch numbers “just do not compute. The advertising cannot support the local Patch model the way it stands. From a dollar standpoint, it simply will not add up.”

The obvious caveat, of course, is that both of these folks are lower-level employees; they might not have all the information that Arianna Huffington has about the business.

No public announcement, for example, has yet been made about when AOL plans to stop pouring money into Patch, and that’s a good thing for the editors and salespeople who stick around (for now).

But it must hurt to see how upset and frustrated the people in the front lines feel.