Party Photos: John Harwood / Jerry Seib’s Book Bash

parties 014.JPG

At the Newseum last night, Washington celebrated John Harwood and Jerry Seib’s new book, “Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power.” This suit and tie crowd was sorta interesting, because just floors below was the Center for American Progress’ rocking party, creating quite a juxtaposition:

parties 038.JPG

In his remarks, Harwood romanced Washington:

  • “This is my city and I love it.”

  • Although people think of Washington as calculating, politicians “are making it up as they go, just like the rest of us.” Washington is a place where “people try to make sense of crazy situations.”

Seib romanced, well, Harwood:

  • “My relationship with John is the most satisfying professional relationship I’ve ever had.”

Oh, and other people, including Rahm Emanuel (“a good friend of mine”), Al Hunt and booze, concluding his remarks with “Get something else to drink …. CNBC is paying for it so what do I care.”

CNBC also paid for some nice LL Bean swag bags, too:

parties 037.JPG

If you want a sense of how different the Center for American Progress party was (just floors below Seib/Harwood), here’s what was in their swag bag:

parties 040.JPG

(Yes, that’s Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and aloe vera)

Anyhoo, loads more photos from Seib/Harwood’s party after the jump…

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