Party Photos: Howard Fineman’s Book Party

fineman 021.JPG

A very elite slice of Washington’s party set headed to the gorgeous Embassy Row home of David and Katherine Bradley to toast Howard Fineman and his book, “The Thirteen American Arguments.” Want a sense of how loaded David Bradley is? His wife got giddy when she joked about whether he might buy The New Yorker.

MSNBC/Newsweek’s Fineman conceded in his remarks that, well, he’s a busy guy. “I’m a multi-platform content provider” and said “I do everything but skywriting and I’m willing to try that.” He admitted that writing a book is like “mowing the lawn” and said that his son thought he “laughed like a girl” during a recent “Daily Show” appearance. Fineman heaped lots of praise on Chris Matthews and concluded his remarks by quoting Ted Kennedy’s 1980 DNC speech and asking attendees to keep the Massachusetts senator in their thoguhts and prayers.

Folks in attendance: Evan Thomas, Barbara Comstock, John Fox Sullivan, Mary Ann Akers, Colleen King, Mike Isikoff, Grover Norquist, Katherine O’Hearn, Hilary Rosen, Jonathan Martin, Roger Simon, Lauren Vicary, Amy Dudley, Sam Stein, Robert Samuelson, Chris & Kathleen Matthews, Evan Bayh, Michael Feldman, Susan Collins, Jane Harman, Nancy Bagley, Juleanna Glover, Gerald Rafshoon, Carol Joynt, Lloyd Hand, Jill Zuckman, Margaret Carlson, Mary Lou McGovern, Mary Ann Bradley, Amy Hartman, Rome Hartman, Dr. Mary Lee Coffey, Eden Rafshoon, Ann Stock, Oscie Thomas, Jessica Leinwand, Laura Handman, Lee Brenner.

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Okay, now that those are out of the way, photographer extraordinarire Betsy Spruill sends us some quality photos: