Paris Review update

Paris Review changes

New Paris Review editor Philip Gourevitch is already shaking things up at the magazine. Deputy Editor Lea Carpenter, who was brought in to oversee the business side of the publication after the death of George Plimpton, is leaving, as is Ben Ryder Howe, who, according to Gourevitch, viewed the transition as “an opportunity to pursue his freelancing.”

Senior editor Oliver Broudy has been promoted to Managing Editor, following the recent departure of Fiona Maazel. And now that intern Ryan Carr has been promoted to editorial assistant, Gourevitch says they’re reviving their dormant internship program. He’s also looking to fill two editorial positions and doesn’t know if they’ll expand the staff under his tenure, but says they’re “certainly not shrinking it.”

Departures in the wake of a new editor invariably raise questions about the possibility of a major housecleaning, but Gourevitch says he has no plans for that and has assured staff members that their jobs are secure. “I was very poorly informed about what went on before I got there,” he says. “Almost everyone had been considering their position as ‘tentative.’ [But] I’m really pleased with the people who are there.”