Paris Hilton’s DUI: Will Us Weekly Be Gentle? And Where Was Elliot Mintz?


We’re obviously fascinated by the news of Paris Hilton‘s DUI early this morning. A few things of note:

  • As Jossip notes, it will be interesting to see how the arrest is played in the pages of Us Weekly, considering Hilton was coming from executive editor Ken Baker‘s party.
  • Will this mean an updated Banksy series of hijacked Paris album covers?
  • Veteran publicist Michael Levine says the arrest “just makes her more famous.”
  • Where was Elliot Mintz, her 61-year-old handler? Surely he’d be there to offer some damage control, right?

    Hilton’s publicist, Elliot Mintz, confirmed the star’s festive nature Thursday: “She’s been known to have a drink or two.”

  • Minor note: Hilton, the former Carl Jr.’s pitchwoman, was on her way to the In-N-Out Burger. “I was just really hungry,” she told the Associated Press.

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