In Support of Full Redesign, Parents Magazine Births Its Own Font

Meredith publication overhaul bears the signature of newly arrived EIC Liz Vaccariello

From top to bottom, the September issue of Meredith’s Parents magazine sports a lively new look and feel. Crowned by Parents Stencil.

That’s the name of the in-house font overseen for the redesign by creative director Agnethe Glatved and deputy creative director Emily Furlani, with the help of design consultant Debra Bishop. Editor in chief Liz Vaccariello, at the front of the book, writes that when it comes to the lowercase letters of this alphabet, the “g” is her favorite.

And as far as her new uppercase offspring are concerned, the “M” wins.

The headline images shown come from, respectively, the tops of pages 172 and 93 of an issue that truly sparkles. Vaccariello writes, ‘Any font enthusiasts out there? I hope you’re impressed.’ We most definitely are.

Other elements of the redesign highlighted by Vaccariello include the features “Snack Hack” and “Animal House.” The latter, a recurring monthly snapshot of kids and their pets, is shot by fashion photographer Daymion Mardel.

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