Paragraphr Is for Writers and Readers

paragraphrEverybody writes differently. And I’m not talking about their personal style of the vocabulary they use. I’m talking about the method in which they construct written work. The system I often employ when writing a lengthy item, includes writing sentences and paragraphs and then shuffling them around, filling in the gaps as I go.

A new Website, Paragraphr, must hope that I’m not alone in the piece and puzzle approach. Billed as an online platform for people who love reading and writing, it’s important to note that the site is currently in Alpha – and it looks it.

Like most writing communities, Paragraphr targets readers and writers. As a reader, you can choose to share feedback with the writer on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. As a writer, you can choose to write one block at a time, slowly building your story. You must be open to criticism and be willing to have your in-progress work critiqued.

Groups of sentences can be lumped together into “chapters” which can be rearranged at any time.

It appears Paragraphr’s creators intend the site to showcase something more in-depth than a blog entry but shorter than a full-blown story.

You can try the site a as a guest before you register. Just use “” as your e-mail and “guest” as your password.

The folks behind the site seem to recognize that the Website is work a motion and could change directions on a whim.