Paola Paola Paola!!!! Redux


We were in the middle of writing this when the absolute shock of Julie Taraska’s leaving caught is in our little bloggy tracks. We’ve recovered now, and we’re back on course, trigger-happy with the news that Julie’s at least leaving a good legacy with her last week running the show. A big interview with our most favoritest curator in the entire universe ever, Paola Antonelli, is one of the saving graces. The girls talk about the show SAFE, the intertwining of design and politics, and prostitutes.

What are your favorite objects in the exhibit?

Paola Antonelli: There are many, because I selected them with a lot of passion. I feel strongly about the UN tarp because that’s the beginning of every refugee shelter. The visual home is wonderful. I am in love with the Boezels: they’re such beautiful things. And the activist suit is so great.

Then there are the pieces Emiliana Design Studio created for prostitutes, like the Kleensex disposable Tyvek sheets that you can put on any type of surface to sanitize it, and the lighted Hot Box, which prostitutes can sit on so that they are very visible but at the same time safe.

Show opens October 11. We’re so there–obviously for the lifeguards.