Panty Raid: FBNY @ National Underwear Day

The underwear models gathered in some kind of bare-man holding pen, which it took all of two Champagnes to start calling the “penal colony.”

Dateline: 42nd and the End of the World (a.k.a. West Side Highway)
From the Dept. of: I see London, I see France

In these dark, postPlaygirl days, we wander as if in the desert, wondering where we’ll next get to ogle men read it for the articles imbibe in the name of undergarments. Which is to say, National Underwear Day came just in time, fete-ing itself Tuesday night with an unmentionables-heavy runway show viewed by a slew of reality show alums eating the most embarrassingly undersized appetizers we’ve ever had the opportunity to size up. Pseudo-celebs and skivvy pictures after the jump.

Models/hosts Lydia Hearst and Tyson Beckford

Speaking of himself in the third person this season on Project Runway, Suede says, “Suede is looking at something!”

Mr. OnTheLeft laughs at his friend for getting stuck holding America’s Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez‘ purse.

Stylist Philip Bloch is staying alive.

Happily, the lady underwear models weren’t scary-skinny, clearly subsisting on more than the wee specimens they were calling appetizers.

We’re guessing this guy has a stupendous personality.

We felt a familiar Fashion Week-esque frisson amid the front-of-house clusterfuck. See you in September, harried FactoryPR team!