Pandigital 9″ Android Tablet now $180 on Ebay

Now here’s something unusual. Late last year Pandigital announced a number of Android tablets, including a 9″ budget model. Right around CES 2011, it announced an updated 9″ tablet. It has all the same specs but also came with 3G wireless.

I had never actually seen the later tablet on the market, so I was a little surprised today when it popped up on Ebay for a decent price.

It’s running Android v2.0 on a single core CPU, with 2GB Flash storage, SD card slot, Wifi, 3G, but no camera or Bluetooth. It ships with a number of basic Android apps, including the Nook app, a browser, file manager, email, and so on.

TBH, I’m not sure why I mention it. It didn’t have the best specs when it launched a year ago, and by today’s standards it is quite outdated. But that 3G connection tempts me. It can only be used with the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, but it’s still free. Even a limited free 3G is rare now, and that tempts me to buy one. And I do still like the one I reviewed last year.