Palm Reading the Newspaper Industry: Life Line is a Little Weak

2430572673_73bf64c233.jpgThe AJR is looking into the future of newspapers and (gasp!) it ain’t so bright. In next month’s issue, Mark Potts, a newspaper website and dotcom consultant, takes a look at a lot of numbers mainly to do with declining ad sales, and comes up with this prediction:

By the year 2020 print ad revenue will be about half what it is today, and online ad revenue will be more than 10 times what it is today…[with]total ad revenue falling and falling until 2012, staying flat in 2013 and then slowly turning around, as online growth equals and then surpasses the losses in print. Newspapers would be in for six more years of economic pain — continued cuts in staff, newshole and newsgathering resources — before they even start to turn a corner.

So yeah, print is dead. Anyway, here’s our prediction: by 2012 Rupe will own everything (or is it Brian Stelter?) and we will all be generating our own 140 character content, which we will then send to ourselves while we rock to the tunes of President Obama. Get your shades out, folks.