Pageonce Adds Bill Paying

I am a long time user of the personal finance service Pageonce, which I use to track some of my personal financial information, bills, and travel award programs. One limitation of the service in the past has been that while it could track your bills it didn’t provide a way to actually pay your bills, and today Pageonce announced that limitation no longer exists thanks to their new billpay option.

Users will be able to pay bills by simply tapping a Pay button that now appears whenever they view a bill in either the iPhone or Android app. Payments can be made from bank accounts or credit cards. Unfortunately, in order to pay bills you will need to pay a $4.99 monthly fee. According to Pageonce, 96% of the 1000 people who participated in a beta of the bill pay service said they were willing to pay between $2 and $8 per month to use the service.

Even if you opt to not use Pageonce for bill payment, I think you will find the free version of the service to be valuable. In order to use the service you will need to provide it with access to your financial accounts, and some people might be uncomfortable providing such access even though Pageonce keeps everything very secure.

If you are interested in trying Pageonce you will find it in both the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. Windows Phone and Blackberry versions are also available.