Page Tools, Livestream, Store Locator, Photos, Windows, Chase and More on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps by MAU

A bunch of Page tabs and Page tools were on our list of the fastest emerging Facebook applications by monthly active users this week. There were some photo apps, too, the Windows phone demo, Chase Community Giving and a chat app as well.

The apps on our list grew from between 120,000 and 570,000 MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook. We define emerging applications as those that ended with between 100,000 and 1 million MAU in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Call Of Duty1,000,000+570,000+133%
2.  SocialTimes iFrames Wizard910,000+350,000+63%
3.  See Windows Phone 7.5340,000+280,000+467%
4.  Store Locator480,000+250,000+109%
5.  Welcome tab640,000+220,000+52%
6.  Mystic Meg770,000+210,000+38%
7.  Livestream830,000+190,000+30%
8.  Bandcamp670,000+180,000+37%
9.  My Calendar280,000+180,000+180%
10.  Chase Community Giving230,000+170,000+283%
11.  Chat Pro by mSonar920,000+170,000+23%
12.  Family Feud & Friends940,000+170,000+22%
13.  Photo Roll380,000+170,000+81%
14.  Le Mie Foto770,000+140,000+22%
15.  My Christmas Tree 2011330,000+136,046+100%
16.  Forum for pages320,000+130,000+68%
17.  Welcome to UCB780,000+130,000+20%
18.  Big Photo580,000+120,000+26%
19.  Respostas sobre você770,000+120,000+18%
20.  Welcome Tab550,000+120,000+28%

SocialTimes iFrames Wizard grew by 350,000 MAU, Welcome tab by 220,000 MAU and Welcome Tab by 120,000 MAU. Then Facebook’s Store Locator grew by 250,000 MAU and the Livestream grew by 190,000 MAU. The musician app Bandcamp grew by 180,000 MAU and the app for Page admins to replace the Discussions app, Forum for pages, grew by 130,000 MAU.

Photo apps included Photo Roll with 170,000 MAU, Le Mie Foto with 140,000 MAU and Big Photo with 120,000 MAU. These apps usually allow users to Like, share, rate or otherwise interact with photos in their network, then publish feed and ticker stories with activity.

The rest of the list was varied. Demo app See Windows Phone 7.5 grew by 280,000 MAU and integrates your profile (photos, friends) info into the demo. Mystic Meg grew by 210,000 MAU and publishes a fortune onto your Wall. There was the My Calendar app with 180,000 MAU, Chase Community Giving with 170,000 MAU and Chat Pro by mSonar with 170,000 MAU.

My Christmas Tree 2011 with 330,000 MAU allows users to send a virtual Christmas tree to friends and Welcome to UCB with 130,000 MAU and Respostas sobre você with 120,000 MAU were not available.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned next week for our look at the top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.