Overheard at Mediabistro’s BloggerCon

We wrote down our favorite quotes of the day from some of our Mediabistro bloggers. Here they are – completely out of context and barely informative:

“A pile of Britney Spears vagina!”

“Tart it up – thank you Dan Rather.”

“I don’t do gang bangs…okay.” Which we was repeated by a IT guy to the pre-lunch crowds glee.

“All this underscores two words that are no longer discussed: unexpressed thoughts.”

Nerd alert. “I have to be a platform agnostic.”

“I don’t care what anyone says – Drudge is still the gold standard.”

From a FBLA blogger,”You’re saying ‘comments’ like they’re plural.”

And finally, “It’s a great tool because it allows you to do polls.”