Overcast Provides a Better Podcast Experience


From one of the makers of Instapaper, Marco Arment, comes Overcast, an app devoted to the art of Podcasts. It’s a simple, clean app that offers premium features to podcast devotees.

Casual podcast listeners will be content with the clean iOs 7 interface, but $4.99 will unlock all of the app’s premium features, including these two notables:

  • Smart Speed shortens silences. Playing at faster speeds has always helped people make time to hear more podcasts, but it usually came at the expense of sound quality and intelligibility. Smart Speed is like getting another speed increment for free: it saves time without sounding weird.
  • Voice Boost is a combination of dynamic compression and equalization that can make many shows more listenable and normalize volume across all shows. This makes amateur-produced podcasts (including many of my favorites) more listenable in loud environments, like cars, where you’d otherwise need to crank the volume so loudly to hear the quiet parts that you’d blow your ears out when the loudest person spoke.

The app will also cull recommendations from your Twitter feed, allow for synced playing from mobile to desktop, and when you get started, you can import your current subscriptions. It’s undoubtedly a better app than iTunes without all of the weight. Even if you don’t like it – Overcast’s founder, Arment, even shares a list of his favorite podcast app competitors.